Heat & Fire Resistant Garments Fire fighting

Latest high specification heat- resistant fabrics. Materials meet all ISO standards for heat-resistance.

Product Details

  • Aluminum used is compliant with the ISO 15538 tests for heat-resistance.
  • Compared to other heat-resistant clothing, our range is far superior because it is ultra-lightweight and with a very functional design.
  • Compliant with Convective heat and radiant heat levels stipulated in ISO15538.
  • Furthermore, achieved the highest level in thermal conductivity test, level 2.
  • Stylish design/highly visible at night.。


  • Heat- Resistant Clothing Fabric Specifications
  • Outer Fabric: Aluminized fabric
  • Inner Fabric: Aramid + moisture permeable waterproof fabric
  • Lining Fabric: 100% aramid

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